About Green Spectrum Energy Consulting

Arun has been in the energy industry for well over 12 years graduating from Sonoma State University with a degree in Environmental Studies and planning with concentration in energy management and design in 1996.  Arun is a certified energy manager (CEM) by AEE and LEED AP, and has associates that are certified Architects and PE’s on the Green Spectrum team. efficiency and reduction on non renewable sources such as coal, petroleum products and natural gas thus reducing carbon footprint sustainably every year.

Green Spectrum Energy has worked on wide range of projects, From simple to highly complex buildings, including a full spectrum of services including energy modeling for LEED, T-24 compliance, level 1 and level 2 ASHRAE energy audits, or simply providing 3rd party verification for utilities and delivering quality results at a lower cost point.

As the debate over climate change continues into the next decade, regardless of position or politics that one may bring to the table,  one concern shared by everyone is the importance of reducing operating costs for a facility, and providing utilities with risk mitigation.

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