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Project:  29 Palms eQUEST Building Simulation Models

Developed Baseline energy models for several buildings at the 29 Palms Marine Corp installation simulating pre-retrofit energy consumption .  Models were calibrated with existing utility billing history for electric and natural gas data.  Provided post energy measures compared with baseline.  Coordinated all project related work with the client to facilitate an M/V component.  Documented over 2.2 million kWh in energy savings from the proposed energy measures essentially converting from older air cooled systems to water cooled systems with enhanced control optimization.

Project:  Toyota Dealership Orange County (LEED Silver)

Developed Energy Model in Energy Pro to exceed T-24 energy code by 30% for LEED Eap1, EA c1.  Provided compliance IEQ p1, and calculations for IEQ 7.1 thermal comfort credit

Project utilizes LED interior lighting, reduced lighting power density, 15 SEER and   above Split DX systems for 1st floor and packaged AC units for second floor with enhanced zone control & enthalpy economizers, minimized west facing glazing, and Cool Roof rated structure.  In addition Hybrid Heat pump water heating systems rated at an energy factor of 235% serving the in store restaurant and other DHW uses. Also had decreased cooling load requirements due to the existence of the upper floor parking garage.  In addition Green Spectrum has provided support for (4) other LEED certified project s for Eap2, Eac1, IEq p1, Ieq 7,1 and additional credit categories.


Project:  Multiple Auto Demand Response implemented projects in Southern California

Analyzed interval data, performed end use facility buildups to generate (kW) demand savings from developed demand response measures for an array of facilities.  Demand Response is customized approach to reducing load on medium to large facilities during critical peak event s when power plants have minimal capacity to provide electricity to the grid.  As part of an ongoing smart grid solution, Green Spectrum energy consultants has expertise in identifying the end uses in your facility to develop mild to moderate demand response measures.  Green spectrum has working on several Demand response project showing well over 3 mW in demand savings from and aggregate of multiple buildings.

Project:  Solar PV feasibility design and install for commercial and residential applications:

This is a 2 kW PV array installed in the owner’s home of Green Spectrum Energy Consultants (GSEC).  This array was installed at a very reasonable cost at under $2.50 after including federal tax credit and utility rebates.





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